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Blog Entry-June 3, 2010 Volunteers—A key component of Lawyers Without Borders Canada’s Project in Guatemala:

Lawyers Without Borders Canada’s Guatemala Program is pleased to announce that our first legal volunteer cooperant is currently in Guatemala assisting the human rights law office led by Edgar Perez, our primary local partner in Guatemala.  This human rights law office, while small and minimally staffed, takes on some of the most important criminal and human rights law cases in the country, seeking justice both for crimes committed at the height of the conflict in Guatemala, and violations that occur in present day. 

Ms. Gibbs, a Law Student at McGill Law School and a graduate of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program at Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia, is currently completing the second week of an eight week placement at the law office.   She will be assisting Mr. Perez with file management, preparation of evidence for trial and legal analysis in a key human rights case in Guatemala, the case of the massacre of Dos Erres.  For more information on this case, please see Ms. Gibbs’s blog entry below.  The decision of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights is available at

Volunteer law students and lawyers will, as is always the case with Lawyers Without Borders Canada’s international projects, play a primary role in carrying out our work in support of human rights and the rule of the law.  We are very pleased to have such a competent volunteer already on the ground and are planning to involve many other volunteers in the near future: these volunteers will assist the human rights law office –where our next cooperant will begin a six week placement at the end of June—, the offices of organizations in Guatemala who are leaders in strategic human rights litigation within the Guatemalan and inter-American human rights system and at our office here in Québec.

Please do not hesitate to contact Emily Dwyer, Project Officer at if you would like to join our network of volunteers.

Jésus Técu Osorio wins the 2010 Robert N. Balwin Medal of Liberty:

The following article from the Prensa Libre, a Guatemalan newspaper, includes an interview with Jésus Técu Osorio.  Mr. Técu Osorio is the founder of the Bufete Juridico Popular de Rabinal, one of the legal organizations with whom Lawyers Without Borders Canada will be working, and was recently awarded the 2010 Robert N. Baldwin Medal of Liberty.  The article is available online at:

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