Our ethics

Ethics and professional conduct

Ethics are not only a fundamental concern, they are also our raison d'être. Our organization therefore applies rigorous standards of ethics and professional conduct in all of its activities.

Our Code of ethics and professional conduct, adopted by our Board of Directors in 2012, provides guidance regarding the behaviour expected from our representatives and regulates their conduct, by establishing certain standards that must be complied with to participate in LWBC activities.

Anti-corruption policy

LWBC recognizes that corruption not only violates laws, regulations, and ethical standards, it is also an insidious phenomenon that has wide-ranging and detrimental effects. It therefore constitutes a practice that undermines justice and goes against our values, principles of action, and our code of ethics and professional conduct.

Our anti-corruption policy is aimed at prohibiting and preventing all forms of corruption in our activities.

Gender equality policy

LWBC recognizes that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights: everyone is entitled to rights and freedoms without distinction of any kind, including on the basis of sex.

Our gender policy therefore adheres to fundamental principles of equal rights and opportunity between men and women, based on the non-discrimination principle.

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