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Lawyers Without Borders Canada launches a new project to improve access to justice for victims of human rights violations in Honduras

Tegucigalpa, 28 June 2018 - Lawyers Without Borders Canada (LWBC) is pleased to announce the launch of its project "Justice, Governance and Fight against Impunity in Honduras”, a five-year project (2018-2023) that will be carried out through a CAD $11.6 million contribution from Global Affairs Canada. The project aims to increase access to justice for victims of human rights violations by supporting civil society organizations and legal professionals in strengthening their critical role as pillars of good governance and as guarantors of the rule of law. 

Fitting squarely within Canada's Feminist International Assistance Policy, the project prioritizes women's and girls' access to justice, the promotion of women’s rights  and the fight against gender-based violence. 

The development of case law that integrates national and international best practices in the field of human rights will help create a legal framework that contributes to the effective protection of the fundamental rights of the most vulnerable people and strengthens the fight against corruption and impunity.  

LWBC’s experience in Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean shows that reinforcing the legal representation of victims and people in vulnerable situations gives strength to the fight against impunity. This is the goal of this project: to increase citizen participation in building the rule of law through a combination of legal and advocacy initiatives. By helping our Honduran partners bring cases to court that highlight the discrimination and violence suffered by women and people in vulnerable situations, we will help foster transformations and reform processes that have a lasting impact, says Pascal Paradis, LWBC’s Executive Director. 

At the end of the project, victims of serious human rights violations, especially women and girls, will benefit from improved access to services from specialized lawyers, including women lawyers. Civil society organizations will be better equipped to carry out advocacy initiatives to demand that the State fulfill its human rights obligations. 

About LWBC 

LWBC's mission is to support the implementation of the human rights of people in vulnerable situations by strengthening access to justice and legal representation. The organization has been active in Honduras since 2013, among others through Canada’s Voluntary Cooperation Program in collaboration with the Committee of Families of the Detained and Disappeared (COFADEH) and the Centre for the Investigation and Promotion of Human Rights in Honduras (CIPRODEH).