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A $2,5 M grant to strengthen justice for international crimes


Quebec, September 14, 2016- Lawyers Without Borders Canada (LWBC) is pleased to be part of a Partnership of leading Canadian academics and non-governmental actors which was awarded $2,5 M for the next 5 years by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to strengthen justice for victims of international crimes such as war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

This Canadian Partnership with a strong international focus and network will contribute to the effectiveness of the global effort to hold accountable those responsible of the most serious international crimes, while enhancing Canada’s role as a global leader in this field.
It will link academic researchers, legal clinics and NGO partners across Canada to work on an interdisciplinary research program that focuses on different and complementary routes that victims of international crimes can take in Canada, in other states and before international institutions, to seek criminal, civil, and administrative or other remedies.

The Partnership will address issues such as sexual and gender-based violence, the place and role of victims in devising and implementing accountability mechanisms, strategic litigation in Canada and abroad, corporate liability, cooperation with international tribunals and between States in the fight against impunity, deportation of suspected war criminals and access to refugee status, among other issues. It is expected that hundreds of Canadian students will get involved in the project as research assistants and through internships, university-based legal clinics and in other ways.

The project, hosted at Laval University, involves 22 academic researchers and NGO partners from 12 partner organizations (see the list below).

Partnership Members

- Project Director:
Fannie Lafontaine, Université Laval

- Co-Director:
Jayne Stoyles, Canadian Centre for International Justice

- Co-Investigators:
Darryl Robinson, Queen’s University
David Petrasek, University of Ottawa
Edouard Delaplace, Lawyers Without Borders Canada
François Larocque, University of Ottawa
Frédéric Mégret, McGill University
Jennifer Bond, University of Ottawa
Joanna Harrington, University of Alberta
Jo-Anne Wemmers, Université de Montréal
Julia Grignon, Université Laval
Matt Eisenbrandt, Canadian Centre for International Justice
Pascal Paradis, Lawyers Without Borders Canada
Payam Akhavan, McGill University
Robert Currie, Dalhousie University
Valerie Oosterveld, Western University
Sharry Aiken, Queen’s University (to join)

- Collaborators:
Alain-Guy Tachou Sipowo, McGill University
Fergus Watt, World Federalist Movement – Canada
James Stewart, The University of British Columbia
Joao Gustavo Vieira Velloso, University of Ottawa
John Packer, University of Ottawa
Mark Kersten, University of Toronto
Penelope Simons, University of Ottawa

- Partner Organizations:
1. Laval University (Host institution)
2. Canadian Center for International Justice
3. Case Matrix Network
4. Coalition for the International Criminal Court
5. Dalhousie University
6. Lawyers Without Borders Canada
7. McGill University
8. Queen’s University
9. Western University
10. Université de Montréal
11. University of Alberta
12. University of Ottawa

PDF version of the press release