LWBC Program

Volunteer cooperation is in our DNA!

Lawyers Without Borders Canada (LWBC) was founded to enable Canadian lawyers to contribute to international solidarity efforts by bringing their professional experience to partners in developing, fragile and transition countries. Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. 

It ensures professional, efficient and innovative management of its projects. It requires a selfless commitment from professionals who go on mission. Finally, it is based on a relationship of helping others. Volunteer involvement is at the heart of all our interventions.


In concrete terms, volunteers:

  • conduct research and analysis on various situations of human rights violations in order to better document them;
  • play a role in legal assistance by strengthening the arguments, evidence and files as a whole to ensure the best defence of victims' rights;
  • analyse relevant legislation to identify gaps and advise partners so that they can demand respect for their rights and obtain redress;
  • prepare analyses and recommendations to make the legislative framework more favourable to the protection of human rights, in accordance with the international commitments of the countries concerned;
  • collaborate in the development and implementation of awareness plans, including the creation and dissemination of outreach tools, to communities in situations of vulnerability.

Therefore, between 2002 and 2017, nearly 300 volunteers contributed directly:

  • to strengthening access to justice and legal representation;
  • to the conduct of fair trials and ongoing training for justice actors and members of civil society, and;
  • to the strengthening of the security and independence of human rights defenders.

Thanks to the work of volunteers, a multitude of local actors develop new skills, actively participate in the issues specific to their society and are voluntarily involved in the justice process.

Thanks to our partners without borders

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