Frontline justice

The program provided Haitian citizens, particularly the most vulnerable affected populations, with free access to justice and legal representation. The project has supported the establishment of community-based justice while laying the groundwork for rebuilding the justice system and, if possible, influencing its reform.

To achieve this, Haitian lawyers and members of Haitian civil society have mobilized, particularly in community justice centres set up in or around certain emergency camps, to offer targeted populations legal advice and alternative methods of conflict resolution (mediation, conciliation and arbitration).

Legal research has supported these activities, training programs have been provided for lawyers, magistrates and other actors in the justice system. Information and public education activities for the affected populations were also part of the services offered by LWBC and its partners.


Local partners

Barreau de Port-au-Prince

Kay Fanm

Mairie de Tabarre

Ministère de la Condition Féminine et des droits des femmes d'Haïti (MCF)

Mouvement des femmes haïtiennes pour l’éducation et le développement (MOUFHED)

Ministère de la justice et de la sécurité publique d'Haïti (MJSP)

Solidarité Fanm Ayisyen (SOFA)

Program partners

Avocats sans frontières à Bruxelles

Barreau du Québec

Centre de d'étude et de coopération internationale (CECI)

International Organization for Migration (OIM)

Financial partners

Government of Canada

Thanks to our partners without borders

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