Strengthening of the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission for Peace and Stabilization in Mali (RCVJR)

Presentation and objectives

The project, developed jointly with the Commission, aims to promote the participation of victims of serious human rights violations committed during the conflict, in particular women, girls and other vulnerable persons, reconciliation and the construction of lasting peace in Mali. 

The CVJR's mandate is to investigate these cases of violence and examine the causes of the episodes of violence that have occurred in Mali since 1960. It also aims to make recommendations to prevent the resurgence of violence and to propose reparation measures. The CVJR is called upon to enter into direct contact with victims and witnesses through hearings and interviews, thus providing an important forum for recognition and a path to healing.

The first objective of the project is to support and provide the CVJR with the tools it needs to recommend measures to the state to repair the harm suffered by victims and prevent a resurgence of the conflict. By helping to provide the Commission with the capacity to act and make proposals, the project strenghten its skills, enabling it to carry investigations and shed light on these violations, including gender-based violence (GBV).

A second objective is to strengthen its institutional capacity to protect testimonies and other data collected in relation to human rights violations in the context of the conflict. By giving a voice to the "voiceless", the project strengthens the trust relationship between the CVJR and victims and facilitates their participation in investigations, hearings and other work of the CVJR. 

The project will increase the number of women and girls who contribute to its work by providing them with the necessary psychological support to enable them to participate.

Expected results

The project is based on specialized expertise and a deep understanding of the challenges on the ground in Mali. The project also draws its relevance from the experience gained in recent years in the field of transitional justice for people in situations of vulnerability in Guatemala, Colombia and several other countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

The project will aim to achieve the following main results:

  • increase the involvement of the CVJR in establishing the facts and determining adequate reparation measures and guarantees of non-repetition for victims of serious human rights violations committed during the conflicts in Mali, in particular women, girls and other vulnerable persons;
  • increase the capacity of the CVJR to be a voice for victims.

Local partner

Commission vérité, justice et réconciliation (CVJR) 

Financial partner

Government of Canada - Peace and Stabilization Operations Program (PSOPs)

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