Human Rights and the Sharia Law

Implemented in collaboration with ASF France, the project aimed first and foremost to support Nigerian lawyers in the defence of persons sentenced to cruel punishment by Islamic courts.

The project was a major success in 2003 when LWBC and ASF France contributed, in support of Nigerian defence lawyers, to the acquittal of Amina Lawal, a Nigerian woman sentenced to death by stoning for having had a child out of wedlock. This high-profile achievement has contributed to a decrease in indictments for cruelty in the northern states of Nigeria.

The joint action of LWBC and ASF France then turned to the long-term detention of persons not charged, who had no access to a lawyer or who had never appeared in court, which is unfortunately a common practice in Nigeria, as are the cases of ill-treatment or violations of the fundamental rights of arrested or detained persons, which are also too numerous. It is always the poorest people, especially women, who are the first victims of the most flagrant injustices.

In order to contribute to or counter these phenomena, LWBC and ASF France teams provided assistance to Nigerian lawyers to help put an end to situations of abusive detention or violation of the fundamental rights of women prisoners in Abuja, Bauchi, Nasarawa and Kaduna state prisons.

The two organizations also strengthened the capacity of justice stakeholders in the prison, judicial and police sectors, as well as prosecutors and defence lawyers, through workshops and round tables. Among other things, LWBC and ASF France organized training courses for legal aid lawyers as part of the seminar and round table project with the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria.

Finally, LWBC volunteers and ASF France set up pilot projects in Bauchi and Nasarawa states to ensure coordination and better communication between justice stakeholders.


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