Justice, Governance and the Fight Against Impunity in Honduras


Justice, Governance and the Fight Against Impunity in Honduras 


Presentation and objectives

The "Justice, Governance and Fight against Impunity in Honduras" project seeks to support lawyers representing women, girls and people in situations of vulnerability who have been victims of human rights violations and thus contribute to strengthening their access to justice. In this way, the aim is to make more demands on the judicial system so that it exercises its role of democratic counterbalance as guardian of the rule of law and a fundamental pillar of governance.

Expected results

  • Access to the services of lawyers specializing in strategic litigation for women, girls and other vulnerable people who are victims of human rights violations is improved;
  • national and international good practices in strategic human rights litigation for vulnerable persons and victims of human rights violations are documented, implemented and shared;
  • the capacity of civil society organizations to use the law to ensure better protection of the human rights of vulnerable people and to require the State to fulfill its obligations is strengthened;
  • recommendations aimed at ensuring greater respect for human rights and exerting pressure on the State and relevant international bodies to intensify the fight against impunity and corruption is strengthened.


So far:

  • a LWBC volunteer legal advisor participated in the observation of the Berta Cáceres trial within a coalition of national and international organizations;
  • LWBC supported the preparation of a report to the UN Human Rights Committee on the State's failure to implement the recommendations addressed to it by the Committee following the review of its second periodic report in July 2017 in Geneva.

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